Other Services

For your best service, our Auto Repair Center provides:

  • Mechanical: We can help you from the simplest check and service to engine repair.
  • Lights polishing: Time and sun act against the car lights. We can bring your lights back to their original, shiny form.
  • Diagnostic check of the car: Technology is progressing and so are we, so in A.D.A Auto Repair Center, with the latest diagnostic computer available, we can find a solution in every problem that lies in your car’s ECU.
  • Car Check: Do you intend to buy a new car, but you don’t know if it satisfies your criteria? We can help you! Our qualified staff will do a complete check and let youknow about the findings.

Our Contact Details

18 Chiles str.,
1020 Nicosia, Cyprus

+ 357 22435971

+ 357 99639471
Avgoustinos Avoustinou

+ 357 99857782
Demetris Avgoustinou

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